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Riverine Stitchers Ltd.

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Riverine Stitchers Ltd. was established in the year 2009 with the aim to produce world class export standard garments. Our major products are being exported to USA, Netherland and Europe.

Company Background

Riverine Stitchers Ltd. is a leading garments exporter, buying house since 2009. Though it has been established in 2009 but the founder of the company is in this business for about 7 years with great success and leading now a very experienced and expert team.


Riverine Stitchers Ltd. believes that quality, dynamism, punctuality, and honesty is needed to develop the garments sector. Its mission is to develop the garments sector as well as the country’s economy by supplying quality products and competing the global market.


There are only five members in the management as they are the shareholders of the company. The details of the management are as bellow:




Md. Zafrul Haque
Managing Director
Sunjida Yesmin
Md.Masudur Rahman
Md. Monirul Islam
Dr Abul Kalam Azad

As above Managerial Committee are well Experience about Textile Field and Garment Field as they had past almost 5-8 years work in this field with successful history. We keep honor to buyer. We do meet our goal to buyer who give us their valuable order. We do our extreme best for quality, on time shipment, Development and last of all their Hospitality which is our business motto.


Merchandising Department

We have a full well setup Merchandising Department. The task of our Merchandiser, start from correspondence, Than gradually comes Consumption, Pricing Sampling, Production, Packaging, shipment & finally the documentation process in the correspondence period a Merchandiser knocks a buyer for order. Buyer is asked for giving a test order to check out the selling company’s ability. The introductory communication process goes on until any disposal is given by the buyer. Our Merchandiser must be attentive, Cool & Calm when reading the order sheet or the technical specification or the buyer instruction. The Merchandiser has to do lots of paper work and to avoid any mistake should make a cross-check with others. a) Sampling is the process of testing ones ability and expertise. Our Merchandiser capable to do the proper way to bring the suppliers in the correct way of working, To make the expert, to give them idea of styling, rectification everything is for the out come of the right product city. There are some types of sampling like as

  1. Original Sample
  2. Available Sample
  3. Fit Sample

Inspection and Delivery

Finally, after all the packing formalities complete a packing list of the goods is made. The packing list is made mentioning carton number, style, color, ratio, carton measurement etc. Before delivery, Goods are been inspected by the inspector using the packing list. The inspector may be the merchandiser himself, or by the management members who are expert. If the buyer requires, third party inspection can by occurred. The third party inspector is nominated by the buyer. All about the inspector is mention in the L.C. Goods are inspected to check the following things:

  • Are the goods made by right fabrics?
  • Are the styles of the goods ok?
  • Are the measurements accurate?
  • Are all the colors correct?
  • Fabrics thickness ok?
  • Fabrics construction ok?
  • Is the quantity ok?
  • Is the quality fine?
  • Is the sewing ok?
  • All the accessories ok?
  • Is the packing ratio correct?
  • Carton number correct? etc.

After all these checking a report is sent to the buyer for approval incase of the third party inspection. Other wise an inspection certificate is issued to the beneficiary who makes the goods. The ultimate beneficiary is the factory.


At the finishing, goods are handed over to the freight forwarder or the shipping agent with in the latest shipment date in both case of air or sea shipment. Sometimes the ultimate buyer nominates the freight forwarder to take the delivery. Then the goods are delivered to the port of destination.


Out Product are all kinds of Men, Ladies & Kids item, Pant, Cargo Pant, T-shirt, Polo shirt, Shorts, Bermuda, Ladies Top & Bottom, Sweater 3,5.7 GG & 12 GG also. If there is any decoration in garments like print embroidery, appliqué, means all kinds of print embroidery wash etc.




Our Current Client/Buyer




Mountain Ware House Ltd.
2. Duch Sports The Netherlands
3. Legea Italy

Our concern Factories

  • Pabna knit wear ltd.
  • RB Style Ltd.
  • Cotton Fashion Ltd.
  • Shya Apparels Ltd.
  • Tania knit composite Ltd.
  • Jaantex apparels Ltd. (Knit & woven)
  • Kyanat apparels Ltd. (Woven)
  • Akj Fashion & Fabrics Ltd (woven)
  • Alana Group (woven & Knit)
  • Tung hi (Sweater)
  • Lusaka Group (knit , Woven & Sweater ) etc.

Our Request

We could request you to give us chance to show you our quality, On time shipment and good price. So, We are expecting your valued orders, and your kindness to us.

Please Contact:

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Our Office


Riverine Stitchers Ltd.
1/7 (Ground Floor),
Tel : 88-02-9009331
Cell Phone: +88-01819-605770 (Mamun)
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Riverine Stitchers Ltd.

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